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The Story Of Yung Bambi

Right now as Im writing this (or typing; welcome to the 21 century), Yung Bambi is sitting comfortably in a beautiful home nestled in the hills of California. A home he shares with the rest of his midnight society crew. Moments like this are something to be cherished because it hasn't always been like this. The road to success is rarely and easy one, and Bambi is no exception to that.

Originally hailing from Durban South Africa, Bambi moved to London at the age of 1, spending of brief period of his childhood there before relocating to Boston at the age of 10. His mother, who he unfortunately lost at a young age, helped to mold his musical prowess; introducing him to many different forms of music at a young age. Once Bambi was old enough to discover music on his own, he eventually found himself diving into the world of 50 Cent and Grime music.

It wasn't until high school that he tried music himself. Dabbling in piano and violin as a child Bambi was no stranger to playing music, but this was a different demon. All throughout high school he worked tirelessly to perfect his craft. Around the time of graduation the prince of the forest realized nobody would do his beats justice. Thats when Bambi tried hitting them himself.

Eventually finding himself in Texas, Bambi started to gain recognition as an artist, and started dabbling into engineering, as helping mold other artists is something he enjoys almost as much as creating his own music. After years grinding, Bambi finds himself where we see him today. Comfortable.

Be sure to stream Yung Bambi on all platforms!

Written by @bobbydeeonthebeat for @kultclassicofficial

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