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The best thing about the internet for artists is that everybody has a chance to showcase their talent. How people find that talent is a bit more complex however. In this particular case, I was able to discover Sloe Jack through the blessing of the Spotify algorithm after “Backstab” came bursting through my speakers. This past October, the Australian native dropped an EP of the same name, gaining a fair amount of attention online. Not much is known about him, but having dropped his first track in February I’d say in more than impressive how far he’s already come, seeing as he still has a vast amount of ground to cover as artist. I decided to reach out and get a few of my questions answered.

Be sure to check out Sloe Jack wherever you stream music.

How was your time in America? What are some differences you noticed from Australia? America was CRAZY man. I had a sick time hanging out with everyone in LA & NYC, there's so much to do man. I love Australia but bro we need to spice things up a bit. What is the music scene like over in Australia? The Aussie music scene is wicked. Rock music is huge down here and our live scene is MAD. What was it like growing up for you? I grew up in an abusive household, I started abusing drugs and alcohol in my teenage years and dropped out of school when I was 16. My music was the only thing I had for a long time, It’s what got me off all that nasty stuff and ultimately saved my life. Is vegemite really that good? It’s the nectar of the gods mate. How long did it take you to figure out your sound? What did your music sound like when you first started versus now? I started my quest in style, dubstep. When I was a little kid I used to sit in my dark room for hours on Ableton 9. I was a filthy EDM goblin, and it was great. As I got older I started to become more interested in rock production. I got sick of the squeaky clean dance music I was making and began running my drums through amps and getting crazy with it. The SLOE JACK sound spawned from boredom LOL. I just stacked sounds I thought were sick, and that’s how I’ve been doing it ever since. What is your process for creating a song? I’m always thinking of lyrics in my head when I go about my day. The other day I had a crazy eureka moment, I was at the KFC drive-through getting a dank feed and the sickest hook ever just appeared in my brain mid-order. Every other part of the songwriting process is random asf. Your music has a lot of attitude behind it. What brings that side of you out? I walk at my own pace in life and I’m gung-ho about the things I believe in. I’m confident in my music and believe the message I send out has value. I think my fans can hear that realness and attitude when they press play. What are your future plans? I’m just looking to write some sick music and do some shows! I have HUGE plans for the future but I like to go step by step. When did you notice your music gain traction? I noticed the hype as soon as I released my first track in February. This year has been insane, I’m still trying to process it all. I’m super excited for the future man. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on Youtube, and follow us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts! Hopefully we’ll have a full interview with Sloe Jack down the road.

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