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City Morgue is one of the most compelling and refreshing duo's music has seen in years. Through the efforts of Sosmula, and Zillakami, aided by the talents of sound smiths like Thraxx, Shoki, and Germ, they were capable of harmonizing very different, distinct genres into something fresh and new. But as it goes for every group and movement in the history of music, there comes a time for members to reallocate some of their time and effort into solo projects. Zillakami came forward with his debut solo effort "Dog Boy". Giving fans what they want an expected, all packaged much differently from the music released under the City Morgue banner; opting for more of a psych-rock feel. With the world finally knowing what direction Zilla stepped with his solo effort, fans attention would soon turn towards the other half of the duo, Sosmula. With "13 SONGS 2 DIE 2" being a continuation of the sound City Morgue fans were already familiar with; Sosmula had expressed a desire to readjust his sound for his next effort. Enlisting the likes of producers like Shoki, to help oversee the direction of his sophomore project.

In April of 2022, fans received more than they asked for when "2H2D" finally hit streaming services. An ambitious take on an already distinct sound, "2H2D" is vastly different from "13S2D2", while being a huge upgrade from his freshmen tape, boasting an an astonishing 20 tracks, 7 more cuts than his debut. Sonically, Sos is able to maintain the same energy fans have been familiarized with on previous albums and singles, while being able to stand alone from the rest of his catalogue. After being teased on IG live with snippets, fans were finally able to indulge themselves in tracks like "SNAP" which fans had dubbed "Scotty 2 Hotty" before the official release. Vocally, Sos' flow and delivery differ greatly from anything we have ever heard from him, being reminiscent of the style we have come to know and love from the Shinners 13 spitter, while taking influence from the stylings of what has now become dubbed as "Rage music" by the newer generation of artists; with the best examples of this being "PARTY ON MY BLOCK" and "SNAP". The Ryder Johnson produced lead single "YAKUZA 2000" feels like a very early (and solid) attempt at this sound. Trading the dark trap and guitar heavy stylings we have previously heard for a more electronic approach, producers like Shoki, Reapyy, Hellsing and more out forward their best effort to make sure the overall production of the project remains on par with what is being popularized by todays music climate, while still maintaining a fresh an innovative feel. 2H2D may be the best version of Sosmula we've heard yet. Go stream it where ever you listen to music!

Written by @dammit.bobby_ for @kultclassicofficial

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