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In early 2018, Nascar Aloe hit the Internet hard with his debut project "Find Me." Instantly gaining notoriety on the internet for its fresh take on sonic composition. Fusing the in your face approach of Soundcloud era rap, and the nuances of punk from yesteryear, Nascar Aloe's "Punk Rap" style turned heads and captured ears from all over. Later on in the year, the Lexington, NC native would rapidly rise through the ranks, becoming one of the most original and promising young talents the world has seen in years. But almost as quickly as he hit the scene, he was gone, spawning a nearly 2 year hiatus (outside of a couple of features) that left fans asking "What happened to Nascar?"

It wasn't until early 2022 that Nascar had announced he had turned in his long awaited "American Wasteland" album to the label. To fans, this felt like the end of what seemed like an eternity without new music. To many, it left more questions than it answered. Will Nascar be able to deliver on the same level as he did previously? Is his passion for music still there? On April 29th, 2022, fans and critics finally had all their questions answered.

"American Wasteland" is everything fans expected and more. Sonically, the project feels very familiar to Nascar's previous work. While normally sticking to the same sound can leave an artist stagnant, in Nascar's case, it was exactly what his supporters were looking for. The gritty, hard-nosed sounds of punk rap are back and more well refined than in previous years; as "American Wasteland" shes a huge improvement in quality than his previous effort "SH!THEAD" in just about every area.

Nascar has seemingly perfected his own, undeniably unique delivery and flow, which is shown throughout the project, but really shines on tracks "MEET MY FIST" and "RAT SPRAY," which included an astonishing assist from multi talent, DIRTY BUTT. Demolition Derby Agua Fresca also can be heard experimenting with new flows and approaches to his vocal delivery throughout the project but are very prominent on "PLEASE DON'T ARREST ME OFFICER" and "RICIN".

The production is the best we've ever heard on a Nascar Aloe project. Whether intentionally or not, the uncorroborated team of British producer Skotskr, Russian sound smith Triplesixdelete and Deathproof's very own Og Abi, have crafted a new and fresh sound over the years around the liberty spiked spitter.

Nascar Aloe's "American Wasteland" is out now wherever you stream music. In our opinion, this may be a contender for project of the year. But with 2022 just getting off the ground, it'll be interesting to see what is up on the horizon.







Written by @dammit.bobby_ for @kultclassicofficial

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