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Songs For Your Rotation

All of this pandemic bullshit has changed the world as we know it over the past few weeks. In the music world specifically, festivals, tours, and shows have all been cancelled or postponed, leaving us with more than enough time to create and discover new music. I might keep up with these lists more often, with the responsibilities of this brand being delegated I should have enough time! If you like what you hear be sure to show the artists and producers some love.

-Bobby Dee

COVID-83 (83Hades Ft. Unofrompluto Prod. Reapyy & Plurbs)

83Hades is one of my new favorite artists that I had recently discovered after I got put on to Spidergang. On COVID-83 (an obvious play on COVID-19 unless you've been living under a rock) Big 83 delivers the hard gritty raps he's known for along side Unofrompluto. Peep the track below. (fire emoji)

No Discussion (Christ Dillinger Ft. Kamiyada Prod. Na$TII)

Our lord and savior himself has finally dropped a project. After much anticipation, Christ Dillinger drops his self titled mixtape. With Dillinger flexing his unorthodox delivery and obscure raps and Kamiyada making the play No Discussion sets the tone for the entire project. Listen to "No Discussion" below, and since its the opening track you might as well listen to the whole 18 min project while your at it. (shrugs shoulders)

Dog$hit (MVNCH Ft. SauxePaxk & Thirty P)

MVNCH is one of the most unique talents on the underground; approaching every record with his own style and presence. Dog$hit is no exception, with the aid of up and coming Winston-Salem artist SauxePaxk, and Thirty P, MVNCH delivers one of his hardest hitting tracks yet. Hit the link below.

BRADYBUNCH (Indysauce Prod. Reno)

I got put onto Indysauce after I got connected with MVNCH and Weexist and became a fan faster then I expected. Stepping away from the raw, irate raps he's known for, Indy approaches the Reno instrumental with a light melodic take. Still delivering the same quality he's established in his music. Stream BRADYBUNCH below.

TV (Chloe Hoff Prod. 9dfour)

Slowing it down a bit, "TV" by Chloe Hoff is mesmerizing. The warm, 9dfour composed beat is aided perfectly by Chloe's soothing vocals. Be sure to stream her 9dfour produced Channels EP below

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