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Lucky 7: Essential Kamiyada Songs For Your Rotation


One of Kami's earlier works but is a perfect showcase of his creativity, TaleOfAGhost is a story of someone who's seeming been forgotten by society, all told over a Virus and The Antidote crafted beat. Feeling like an outkast, the main character in this story executes his revenge on society 


The banger for pretty boys everywhere. The space god flows over the 808 driven instrumental in a braggadocious manner, with aid from Kay P, Midnight Society is sure to leave a mark on your ears with this slapper


My personal favorite song by The Space God. According to Kami he wrote this song back in 2017. Major life changes and a situations where he was done wrong in life were the catalyst for the songs inception. The saxophone driven instrumental is a stark contrast to the other instrumentals on this list, and with lyrics like "this shit inevitable baby, thank you for driving me crazy, look how successful you made me, girl its 3am" Overall, 3AM is one of Kami's more relatable records


The lead single of Kinetic; (the collaborative efforts of Kamiyada and 83Hades) Mass Extinction may be banger of the year, from two of the most promising up and coming artists in the game right now. Both Hades and the Space god go full throttle over the brutal Na$tii & 83 produced beat


Midnight Society producer and engineer Dutchman flexes his skills by forming a sinister soundscape with unearthly plucks and crushing 808s. Only to be critically damaged by Kamiyada's hardened flows and menacing lyrics


Like Midnight be the set, Traumatic flexes the quality of Kamiyada's beat selection, and more importantly overall level of creativity put into his craft. With gritty synth and drum work opening the track, the conclusion is a calming yet somber release of that energy


The opening track of "Live from space volume 2", Midnight be the set does more then set the tone. The eerie synth driven orchestral build up drives the tension to the ceiling leaving a satisfying release of energy as Kami lays into the beat with unmatched energy and in your face bars. 

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