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Lucky 7: Essential BBY Goyard Songs For Your Rotation

About 24 years ago a capsule from the year 3095 crash landed on planet earth. Inside was a young boy with long blonde hair, face tattoos, dressed in Vivienne Westwood. The only information on the boy was a name tag that read “Lil Shannon.” That child grew up and became known as BBY Goyard amoungst his peers. Fast forward to 2020 and we are here today to name 7 essential Goyard songs… from the future… everything is chrome…


“Life hits hard when you think its going smooth…” GH2 is a cut off Goyards first 2020 project Euphoria. The ambient Neilaworld produced beat is beautifully lined with Shannons silky flow. My favorite Goyard song in recent memory.


TIKI TORCH is one of the more under appreciated Goyard cuts. Goyard teaches children about basic economics “If its work that you need then its money that you owe”, as well as how to count from 3 to 40, all over a Sorryreno produced beat.


Goyard gets active over a heavy high pace K.U.D.Z.U produced instrumental. One of my personal favorite tracks in Shannon’s catalogue.


“Kick me out the house I’m at the Marriot”; Goyard sings about

a broken relationship with a women comparable to Karlie Kloss over a mystical Gloss _V2 instrumental.


The song that really put BBY Goyard in peoples playlists. Shannon fits the dreamy Tyson and Gosuto produced istrumental perfectly. I still need someone to upload a 10 hour Youtube loop of this song.


It’s songs like this that make Goyard stand out from the rest; one of most sonically unique songs in Shannon’s arsenal.

The tuned out keys are elegantly compliented by Goyard’s obscure delivery.


BBY Goyard and Mixed Matches are such a perfect combination. People love to talk about collab projects so often now and I would like to hopefully start the conversation about this one.

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