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LISTEN! Lou The Human - "Painkiller Paradise"

Painkiller Paradise is the second single off the buzzing artists forthcoming sophomore album and it's definitely more of a Hugh Rackman track, those not hip to the game wont understand that but it's just another way of saying this track is loaded with bars and the infectious hook only serves as the cherry on top.

The tracks kicks off with a high pitched and airy synth that sets a psychedelic, lush, and almost haunting vibe that the rest of the song follows through with beautifully. Lou raps about the come up, working hard, and even reflects on how Yams death inspired him to say "fuck school".

We've covered this dude before and he's been getting love from many blogs that are very prestigious, and we can't help but love the new music that he's been sending us from the future. Keep it locked here at Kult Klassic and you'll never miss a move.

Listen for yourself here:

-Written by Sean (@seanstayschill)

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