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LISTEN! KidsNextDoor "Frostbite"

Art by Shocker @iamshocker

Numbers 1,2,3, and 4 join forces with Lil Slash to dish out a new track. "Frostbite" features the in your face, mosh-music that KidsNextDoor is known for. After a brief intro a bomb drops and utter chaos erupts onto the track. The raw, chin-checking hook sets the tone for the rest of the cut, as the four members of the group explode each taking turns running fades on the beat; brandishing intense flows and cut throat lyrics. Lil Slash collides with the four vocalists wielding creepy ambient pads, heavy 808s, and moving hats, all together creating one of the best tracks we've seen from the collective so far. KidsNextDoor is starting to cause tsunamis in the city of Charlotte, causing aftershocks of shows in Florida. Its only a matter of time before the wave hits your area so be one of the first to surf it.

Listen to "Frostbite" here!

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Written by @bobbydeeonthebeat for @kultclassicofficial

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