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LISTEN! Keychainz Hefner Featuring 10cellphones "Off The Jump"

The Prince of Pu$$y has been fairly quiet as he sneaks his way through 2019, with only a couple of releases thus far it leaves fans curious as to what the Pimp Panther is up to. “Off The Jump” is the answer to that question. Off the jump (pun fully intended) the listener is hit with a bouyant 808 melody sprinkled with traditional trap hi-hats. Keychainz kicks off the track with an infectious hook, topping the arrangement with his drippy flow and gritty delivery. 10cellphones aids Key in his destruction of the beat on the second verse, effortlessly moving over the track with his hard delivery and dark wisper-like flow. 10 and Key are able to co-exist in a way that feels very natural, with both styes working in harmony unlike many collaborations you find coming and going through the soundcloud algorithms today. Overall “Off The Jump” is the summer smash you didn’t know you needed. Be sure to peep the track below!

Follow Keychainz on social media: @keychainzhefner

Written by @bobbydeeonthebeat for @kultclassicofficial

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