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LISTEN! Keychainz Hefner: "Allstar Anthem"

Keychainz Hefner wants you to power up and get lit like bic with his latest track, and this one sits snugly on the playlist for any function that needs a boost in energy.

The instrumental carries a heavy MIA influence, with deep bass and a infectious melody that sounds like a sitar. Key glides over it smoothly and makes it sound easy as he paints the canvas vocally.

The aim with this track was to create the party goer turn up masters "Anthem", and the result is a banger that lives up to its mission statement. With bars like "You was talking smoke but now you ashes", it's gonna be hard to ignore this song when it gets played.

Be sure to give the song some love, you can listen to it on Soundcloud via the link below

-Written by Sean (@seanstayschill)

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