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LISTEN- Drownmili "For The Rush++"

"Im a different type of energy. I told y'all by the time summer is here I'll be done with rap"

Those are the exact words of Long Island born artist and 999 Mob member Drownmili. Currently residing in LA, Drownmili has been crafting a sound familiar to the ears of most listeners today but heavily reminiscent on the punk vibes of the past, cooking up something audiences' ears haven't tasted yet.

Kicking off with a nostalgic guitar riff and steadily jumping into a spine cracking drum line; "For The Rush ++" is a continuation of that sound. Backed with drowned out- detuned vocals, the whole track is guided by Drownmili's soothing yet honest and emotional voice. Serving you lyrics like "I ran from home and I told them that I won't come back." following up with "I got demons in me but I swear I keep my soul intact." The outro for the track fades in with a pitched down instrumental and ominous vocals, a stark contrast from the beginning of the record. You can listen to "For The Rush ++" below!

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Written by @bobbydeeonthebeat for @kultclassicofficial

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