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Lil Piston "Starboy 3" Review

Generating energy with the release of the first two Starboy projects, Lil Piston has been making waves in his hometown and is causing flooding in other areas. Starboy 3 is by far Saybo's greatest effort yet; gifting us with the heartfelt song writing he's known for, while flexing his ability to layer raps, deliver bars, and talk his shit. The eight track project displays Piston's ability to diversify his craft, serving up an array of different sounds."Gospel"features a more somber Saybo,venting about various relatable topics effecting his life."I need you to back back cousin" sheds light on more cheerful Piston, seemingly unfazed by the words of the outside world. Lil Piston fires up the engine on "What Happened" with rapid fire yet soul raps, touching on topics such as wanting to "leave an influence", and not rapping about "robbing, stealing, fighting, shooting" siting he wants to "change all of his people."

Starboy 3 doesn't conclude without any hard records. Saybo is ready for all the smoke on "Interlude", unleashing the hype that is sure leave the pit satisfied at his shows.

Overall Starboy 3 shows the diversity and talent in Lil Piston. Proving that he has what it takes to prosper and spar with the heavy hitters in the industry. An eight course meal that is sure to leave the listener satisfied while Saybo chefs his next project. Be sure to stream Starboy 3 in the links below!

Follow Lil Piston: @iamlilpiston

Written by @bobbydeeonthebeat for @kultclassicofficial

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