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From the ground up

June 2016, it was a scorching summer day outside as I sit in the studio of my third floor apartment, hammering away at my keyboard. A drop off sweat that accumulated at the tip of nose had fallen off and splashed of the keyboard. Gross. I thought to myself. Frustrated, I delete my notes. With thoughts colliding In my head I slump back in my chair. "How do I create something that everyone can feel apart of? Something unique that people can gravitate to? Something that pushes art to the forefront? How do I create a cult classic?" My head was brewing with questions. Questions that I had to find out on my own; that nobody had the answer to.

In the following months I would build on this idea. Eventually planting a seed that will take years to grow, but has germinated into what you see here today. I would like to thank everyone who has supported so far. I hope that you all will stay with us and watch this seed sprout in 2019. Furthermore I would like to thank the people who have contributed the laying the foundation from the ground up. Without the extra hands to lay the concrete I don't know if I could have ever got everything going.

We have many things coming in the future, including new products, silhouettes, outlets, events, and plenty more. I will continue to update this blog periodically as we move along in our journey. A journey that I hope everyone takes with us. If you've read this far, I appreciate you, because as I write this Im assuming most don't give a fuck about what I have to say. But the fact that you give a fuck means a lot. Thank you!

-Bobby Dee

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