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Essential iLL: 5 Young iLL Songs For Your Rotation

Young iLL is swiftly working his way through the ranks in his home town of Charlotte, NC. Despite only being 2-3 years into his musical journey, iLL has been steady working. With a few heavy underground shows and a plethora of tracks already under his belt in 2019, it looks like 2020 might be iLL’s time to shine. Below is five essential iLL tracks for your daily rotation.


If you got a preschooler who needs to get ready for kindergarten Mr. iLL has you covered! ABC features iLL with smooth yet gritty flow going through the alpahbet bar by bar. This track will have your kids telling their teacher that “G” is for Gucci belt.

Shoebox (Prod. Jay Storm)

The title of this track is fairly self explanitory. Trap money doesn’t belong in a bank. The track features iLL and Storm attacking the beat in a tag team like fashion.

Grow Up

Grow Up is a perfect example of what iLL can do. iLL effortlessly bounces over the flute driven instrumental talking all that shit you want to hear. I’ve seen iLL perform this at shows and it is for sure a crowd pleaser. SOMEBODY CALL UP MIKE ROWE ITS GON’ GET DIRTY IN THE BITCH!

Rerock (Prod. mari)

Mari for sure has one of the most distinctive sounds on Charlottes scene, Young iLL and 10cellphones compliment that sound perfectly. This track has crowds leaning and rocking back and forth more then a wave pool.

123456 Blunts (Prod. mari)

The most slept on track on this list. 123456 Blunts is an old cut that ages finer then wine. Featuring that signature Ooomari sound, iLL lays down his most infectious hook to date; paving the foundation for Keychainz Hefner and Reisen9k to drip across the track. If youre an iLL fan this is for sure a gem you’ll want to dig up.

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