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As cries to free Burnkas ring across the internet, 999mob member DrownMili drops a war head on fans with Drown & Burn volume 2. Burnkas, who was locked up on his way back to New York, starts off the intro...

"It's Burnkas you already know what time it is... we in here we out here even though Im in here Im still out here bitch..."

The tape continues with a brigade of heavy 808s and eerie sampled textures. "On the set", "dont get slumped" and "March First" all set the tone for the majority of the project. Mili, who recently took to twitter to express his frustration with making rap, seems comfortably in his element as he effortlessly layers bar after bar, utilizing his unique arsenal of flows. The Kamiyada assisted, metal heavy "RIP Yo Top" perfectly compliments the rest of the track list, along with the Sid Troy composed "Get Back" these two are bound to turn up the mosh pit.

The album may be over the top with heavy, in your face and down your throat music, but it definitely doesn't slack in somber song craft. The guitar driven anthem Paranoia differs from the rest of track list. Mili and Burnkas draw back the heavy flows previously utilized throughout the project for a more melodic delivery. Burnkas enters the battle riding the beat with a more melodious touch. Assisted by Drownmili vocalizing a more distressed tone.

The project ends with Fallen, a relatable ode to anybody who battles depression and addiction. The ambient instrumental is the perfect turn down track to end the onslaught of heavy 808s and in your face delivery. Drown and Burn volume 2 is the highest quality material we've seen from the 999 camp so far and if this isnt in your rotation, what are you doing with your summer? Sleeping? Burnkas is handing out free pillows...

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