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Prepare to get in your feelings with Deep October; his new album QUALIA has hit all streaming platforms for you to vibe to when you can’t sleep at three a.m. Packed with tales of heart break, angst, drug use, and depression, each chapter of QUALIA is bound to hit your soft side. The twenty-five minuet project is sonically drenched in amibent yet melodic beats from the likes of Nitrous, Telo, Darkskyparadox, Gryphin, ThaFireman, Sad Balmain, and Eris. The melancholy instrumentation paired with Deep October’s drowned out vocals on “HIGH NOON” ease the listener into whats about to come on the following nine tracks. The albums second track, “BESTFRIEND” (my personal favorite on the album) creeps in with a heart breaking instrumental guided by lyrics like “I can’t tell my best friend, I can’t tell nobody”, taking a deeper darker drive from the opening cut.


The rest of the project continues the story. Tracks like “Tree Fall” and “Skin” feel experimental sound wise, while remining true to the overall atmosphere of QUALIA. The projects closing record, “CHINA SHOP” feels like the light at the end of the tunnel, a much needed breath of fresh air. The uplifting yet moody keys set a warming, comforting tone for the last chapter of this story, where the main protagonist starts to come to terms with the events if the past, focusing on the future.

QUALIA is one of the more well crafted projects to come out this hectic summer. It should keep you busy while you loathe the fact that everyday life is on hold, and consistently bitch about how bored you are even though if you’re reading this you’re more then likely an introvert and have worked to socially distance yourself from the outside world way before quarantine… But anyway, in conclusion Deep October just cries over beats and we all thoroughly enjoy it. Fucking musical gold.

Be sure to stream Deep October on all platforms and follow him on Instagram @fatherfuneral (P.S- petition Instagram to give him the handle @deepoctober because the account owner has been inactive for over 5 years)

Written by Bobby Dee for Kult Classic

@bobbydeeonthebeat @kultclassicofficial

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