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4SHLEY Spotlight

“The line stretches all the way around the building.” One of the security guards said as he enters the green room. The Spider Gang east coast tour has just kicked off, and the group has grown exponentially since the pandemic. Fans pack the venue, eagerly awaiting the first performer. At this time, there were 16 members of the collective. 14 of which, would be performing tonight. Awaiting the first Spider to take the stage, the fans are estatic, however to their surprise, they’re greated by a silky voice drenched in auto tune. “What’s up guys…. How are you doing tonight?” The unknown performer says as he takes the stage. “We’re going to do a bunch of sad stuff but first we’re going to do a happy one so I need you to turn up as much as possible.” The performer adds with his drowned out voice. The crowd replys with electrifying screams. As the first track kicks in the crowd is greated with a sound quite different from the other 14 performers on the bill tonight. This was the first time many people, including myself, were introduced to 4SHLEY.

Pronounced “Ashley”, the Los Angeles native is still unknown to many, yet holds a great deal of potential. While there isn’t a ton of information on the young prospect, youtuber Mattyballz was able to do some digging, speaking to 4SHLEY himself. Back in 2020, Bruhmanegod was living with 4SHLEY and after hearing him sing, encouraged him to start recording music. Always being involved in music one way or another, 4SHLEY was playing percussion before he decided to record. 4SHLEY is far from your typical artist, blending his heartfelt lyrics with his smooth auto tune drenched voice, he puts a new spin on the pop genre.

Tracks light Daylight , which 4SHLEY did say was his favorite song; blends dance driven drums and song structure, with a meloncholy guitar riff for the instrumental elements of the track (Prod. by Spyd3r). Vocally, 4SHLEY complients this track very well with his auto tune layer vocals and somber melodic approach, creating a record that has endless potential to climb the music charts with the right marketing and push behind it. Daylight isn’t the only song the has pop hit potential, tracks like red sky, tbh imy, and storm with Teenage Disaster all of serious potential to make

waves through pop culture.

In conclusion, 4SHLEY is a diamond in the rough. With the right team and push behind him, he could easily be skyrocketed to super-stardom, and living in arguably the music capitol, with all the connects he has early on in the game, I wouldn’t be surprised to see 4SHLEY on a billboard in Time Square in the near future. Don’t forgive to peep 4SHLEY’s music if you haven’t yet.


daylight (Prod. Spyd3r + thislandis)

tbh imy (Prod. Spyd3r + thislandis)

red sky

storm w/ Teenage Disaster (Prod. fony wallace + composition x)

h2h (Prod. elixr)

Written by @bobbydeeonthebeat for @kultclassicofficial

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